Meet the FlowerGirls

Cindy Howard, FlowerGirls Weddings

Cindy Carlberg, Owner/Head Designer

Award winning designer, business owner, mother

Cindy started her career in 1977 in her in-law's flower shop in a small southern town in Oklahoma. She came from an artistic family, and received her basic design training while studying commercial and graphic design with the hopes to go into advertising. Working in several flowers shops both in Oklahoma and California, she went on to win Oklahoma Designer of the Year in 1996, Oklahoma Master Designer in 1998 and 2001 and other regional awards throughout the years. She is Oklahoma board-certified by the Oklahoma Florist Association certification program and is passionate about the floral industry.

Practicing a unique blend of contemporary European yet over grown garden style, she enjoys designing in multi mediums including fresh flowers, silk/dried botanicals, wood, fabric, paper, as well as other forms of textiles. Cindy is also enthusiastic about the use of recycled mediums for different projects. Her designs are inspired from a love of nature and a peaceful coexistence with every living thing on plant Earth.

FlowerGirls opened its doors as a full service flower shop in July 2000 at 71 and Yale in Tulsa, and has taken several avenues before landing at the north end of London Square in January 2013. This is where you find FlowerGirls today, thriving and celebrating more than 35 years experience in floristry, specializing in weddings and events.

FlowerGirls Weddings

Ashley Fox, Designer

If Mom is "The Flower Girl", then this girl is the original "Flower Child".

Born into the floral industry while Mom was working in the flower shops, Ashley was standing in a pile of petals 9 months before she was born. Ashley designed on stage at floral conferences alongside her mother by age 3, and learned at a early age not only the passion for floral design but the basics, the mechanics of flowers, the science, hard work with long hours, dedication to detail as well as the beauty of flowers and nature.

She has extensive training in dance and brings that sense of drama and self expression to her designs. Ashley is a full time college student a science major and is passionate about all living things, design, trends and the wedding industry. She uses her free spirited nature combined with her love of fashion and color to spark a unique exotic flair into everything she does.

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